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“A gloriously vivid movie that will excite both children and adults”

- Scott Kim, Discover Magazine


"The movie serves to prime the imagination...  just what we want our students to do!"

- NCTM Mathematics Teacher


"It's beautiful; it's edifying; it's realistic and enigmatic at the same time. It makes one ponder  the dimensional nature of space."

- CTK Insights


“The animation of Flatland stays close to the original spirit”

- Ian Stewart, Notices of the AMS


“The movie was very watchable and easy for kids to understand.” - Catherine Scarlett, Math Teacher, Driffield, East Yorkshire, England


“The movie makes it accessible to children but has depth for adults to think about and talk about geometric ideas.”  - Trena L. Wilkerson, Associate Professor, Waco, TX


“The additional materials, specifically the interview with the Brown math professor was fascinating to my high school students.”  - Jim Ray, teacher, Manassas, VA


“Flatland: The Movie was true to the story, was lively and humorous, and my students liked it.”

- Ruth Brocklebank, Spokane, WA


“The movie was one of the best things I've seen in a long time.  My 8 year old daughter loved it as well!”

- Steve Schaefer


“My students and I enjoyed the movie while grasping an abstract concept.” - Satyanand Singh, Professor, Brooklyn, NY


“The movie is a wonderful resource to use a all levels in school!” - Lorraine Heinrichs, Teacher


“The extras on the DVD were really interesting.”

- Nicole Hoover, Math Educator, Seattle, WA


“I thought Flatland was very entertaining and informative at the same time.”  - Mary Westbrook, Secondary Math Teacher, Ontario, CA


“It's great!  I started my year with it and have referred to it over and over again.” - Alisa Byrne


“I believe that every math student, at least those who have taken geometry, should see the movie.”

- Dr. Durward Jackson


“It provides a good visual for students who sometimes have a real difficult time visualizing something outside their own common-sense view of the world.” - Janice Graham, High School Teacher Gifted & Talented, Prince William County, VA

“My students enjoyed the story and picked up interesting ideas on dimension as well.”  - Mary Lattin, Math Teacher, New Canaan, CT


“I've recommended the movie to peers with the hope of increasing interest if not understanding of math.”  - James Ricks, Dallas, TX


“The first time I saw the movie I couldn't stop thinking about it for a week!”  - Marianna, The Netherlands


“It was received enthusiastically by my students!” - Philip, Math Professor, Texas A&M University


“I loved the whole movie!”  - Theresa, High School Math Teacher, Randolph, NJ


“The movie illustrates the idea of a possible entrance of someone of the 4th dimension into our world.” - Fred, Math Teacher, Holland


“I am anxious to incorporate the movie into our existing Flatland unit.” - Dan Spradley


“Great cast, great graphics.” - Kim, Secondary Math Teacher


“I really like the added featurette about the 4th Dimension!” - Kali, Math Teacher, New Richmond, WI


“It's smart and funny” - M. Buchele, Austin, TX


“Flatland has and always will be a fun and fascinating journey” - Danica McKellar, Actress and Author


“The graphics and perspective gave a different lens to view the same material – as a teacher that is a great asset.” - Larry, Teacher, Brooklanville, MD


“The best Flatland movie yet.” - Rudy Rucker, author of The Fourth Dimension


“Any student can gain insights from this movie.” - Kathleen, math teacher


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